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dell server jbod expansion

Discover Latest dell server jbod expansion Detailed Specifications

Dell PowerVault MD1200


Versatile, high-capacity direct-attached storage DAS:
Versatile, high-capacity storage for mainstream applications, with optimal performance in sequential (streaming) applications.

Expansion for Mainstream and Capacity-Intensive Single Server Applications:
Dell PowerVault MD1200 is the second generation of Dell’s low-cost, high-capacity expansion enclosure that improves density, versatility and performance over previous generation to enhance support for mainstream and capacity-intensive applications. 

The PowerVault MD1200 offers seamless expansion for Dell PowerEdge servers with the PERC H810 Host-RAID adapter. It also offers drive flexibility when adding capacity or data tiering to any of Dell's primary storage arrays. 

Easily Expand Your Server Capacity: The PowerVault MD1200 is engineered to seamlessly expand the capacity of Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerVault MD3 storage series.This expansion enclosure can support twelve, 3.5- or 2.5-inch SAS hard-disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) in a 2U array and expands up to 8 arrays behind a single PERC H810 Host-RAID adapter. 

Versatility and Flexibility to Meet Most Business Needs: The MD1200 is Dell’s most versatile direct-attached storage expansion enclosure. Featuring support for 2.5 inch drives, as well as the ability to mix 2.5-inch* and 3.5-inch enclosures behind a single PERC H810 Host-RAID adapter,the PowerVault MD1200 delivers capacity and performance to support most customer deployments.

Support the Business, No Matter the Need:
The PowerVault MD1200 supports most mainstream business requirements with added flexibility and versatility to mix 2.5-inch drives in a 3.5-inch enclosure and mix 2.5- and 3.5-inch enclosures behind a single PERC H810 Host-RAID adapter.
Dell PowerVault MD1220


High-performance, energy-efficient direct-attached storage (DAS):
Customers seeking a direct-attached, energy-efficient storage array that provides the performance to satisfy demanding applications.

Expansion for Performance-Intensive, Single-Server Applications:
PowerVault MD1220 direct-attached storage (DAS) enclosure is the second generation of Dell's energy-efficient, small-form-factor (SFF), 2.5-inch drive expansion enclosure. The PowerVault MD1220 offers seamless expansion for Dell PowerEdge servers and various Dell Storage arrays, providing IOPs needed to satisfy performance-intensive application. This expansion array can support 24, 2.5-inch SAS hard-disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs)* in a 2U array and expands up to 8 arrays per adapter, so you don’t have to trade capacity for performance.

Optimizing Performance, Enhancing Security While doubling the Throughput: The PowerVault MD1220 leverages SAS 2.0 technology, which enables double the throughput over previous generation, with a 6Gb/s SAS interface and offers performance optimization with automatic I/O load balancing across redundant paths and enhanced security, over previous generation with new self-encrypting drive (SED) support.

Improved efficiency: The PowerVault MD1220 improves energy efficiency over previous generation, with new 80PLUS® Silver Certified power supplies. This enhancement augments the efficiencies already gained with 2.5-inch drives and variable speed fans.

Satisfying Even the Most Performance-Hungry Applications:
The PowerVault MD1220 direct-attached storage array offers compelling performance. 

6Gb/s SAS: With improved throughput from the last-generation, the PowerVault MD1220 can satisfy even the most performance-intensive applications, such as Web hosting, database and e-mail.
Solid State Drives: Pair the increased IOPs and throughput of 6Gb/s SAS with support for solid state drives (SSD), an ideal solution for applications that rely on random block access.
Automatic I/O Load Balancing: Further optimizing the performance of the PowerVault MD1220, the PERC H810 Host-RAID adapter has automatic I/O balancing between the server and storage array. The PERC H810 can detect when a single path starts to get saturated and then balance the I/O traffic across both paths.
The PowerVault MD1220  can deliver the speed, performance and reliability to satisfy performance intensive single server applications that store active and frequently changing information.

Leveraging the PERC H810 RAID Controller:
The PowerVault MD1220 leverages the latest PCI Express 2.0 interface, offering excellent performance for enterprise.

The configuration of the PERC H810 Host-RAID adapter helps to increase reliability and fault tolerance by enabling the software to recognize the entire array as a single unit, regardless of how many disks are activated for storage in the array. With the PERC H810, customers can choose the RAID option that supports their application. The PERC H810 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60.

Dell PowerVault MD1220 storage array is engineered to work optimally with Dell PowerEdge servers. Dell OpenManage Storage Manager Software can manage both the external array and internal storage within the server itself. See PERC H810 server compatibility matrix for a list of currently supported servers.

Streamlining storage management through a single, common interface helps reduce resource load on the system, and is easier to navigate for the user as well. The PowerVault MD1220 utilizes the same 2.5-inch drives as PowerEdge servers, and the same power supplies and fans as the PowerVault MD1200, helping to reduce the number of spares required.
Dell PowerVault MD3060e Dense Enclosure


Make server expansion affordable:
Optimize your server space, and help cut power and cooling expenses with up to 240 HDDs (four MD3060e enclosures) per server in just 16U of space.

Affordable density for Dell servers:
When it comes to expanding DAS in your server deployment, there are several important questions to consider:
How much space do you need?
How quickly you can add more storage?
How can you add capacity while keeping power and cooling costs under control?

Your answer is the Dell PowerVault MD3060e dense enclosure, or JBOD (just a bunch of disks). The high-density storage solution in a compact 4U chassis enables quick expansion for PowerEdge R630, R730 and the R730xd servers while saving space, power and cooling expenses. The versatile design allows you to:
Mix and match up to 60 HDDs and SSDs in one chassis
Scale to 240 HDDs (with four MD3060e enclosure) per server
Maximize capacity to 2.4PB per R630 or R730 server
Store over 2PB of data in less than one-half of a standard rack

Capacity based on your design:
Easily scale with versatile enclosure options, drive types and operating system choices, and have the flexibility to design solutions for your specific needs. The MD3060e is a modular platform that allows you to add or reconfigure enclosures, as your workloads require.

Mix and match SAS, NL-SAS HDDs or SSDs to optimize performance or capacity.
Hot-swap drives, fans, enclosure management modules (EMMs) and power supplies for quick modifications and maintenance.

With small-scale-to-hyperscale flexibility, the MD3060e dense enclosure is an ideal solution for:
Hosting companies that need affordable and dense storage
Work groups within a large IT organization, such as an R&D department
Universities or government agencies with high performance computing (HPC) deployments that require high-density storage
High-bandwidth or modular infrastructures, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and video surveillance
Financial institutions that need to process volumes of data without increasing their data center footprint
Dell Storage MD1280 Dense Enclosure


Dell Storage MD1280 Dense Enclosure:
Benefit from the Dell Storage MD1280 Dense Enclosure ultra-dense server storage capacity at an affordable price per gigabyte.

Ultra-dense storage capacity:
Add capacity to your PowerEdge servers — 40 percent more capacity than previous generations of dense enclosure options with the Dell Storage MD1280, Dell’s most dense storage enclosure.
The MD1280 operates as a JBOD (just a box of disks). Add storage capacity to your PowerEdge servers simply and efficiently to take advantage of the Dell’s competitive price per gigabyte.
Scale the MD1280 up to 168 drives with two enclosures, and use various optimized drive speeds to tailor the enclosure to meet your most stringent performance requirements.

Competitive pricing, maximum storage:
Easily add affordable capacity to your Dell PowerEdge servers with the modular MD1280 Storage Enclosure. Together, the MD1280 and Dell enterprise hard-drives enable you to add capacity at a competitive price per gigabyte of storage. MD1280 features include:
84 hard drives in a 5U standard rack mount chassis
High capacity 8TB hard drives
The ability to scale up to 1.3PB of capacity
Dell Storage MD1400 and MD1420 Direct Attached Storage


Versatile density and performance.
Meet your storage density and performance requirements with simple, cost-effective 12Gb DAS for the latest generation of PowerEdge servers.

Expand and accelerate data access:
The Dell Storage MD1400 and MD1420 direct-attached storage (DAS) enclosures with 12Gb SAS throughput have been specifically engineered to work with the 13th generation of PowerEdge servers using the newest line of PowerEdge RAID Controller 9 (PERC9) 12Gb SAS HBA cards. Scaling capacity behind innovative next-generation servers enables end-to-end 12Gb solutions with exceptional storage flexibility and IO performance for such applications as: 
  • High-performance databases
  • Streaming digital media
  • Storage-intensive applications

Match your data requirements:
With twice the data throughput as previous generation enclosures and flexibility to mix and match NL-SAS, SAS and SSD drives, the MD1400 and MD1420 offer you a wide variety of options that can fit your exact specifications. From the high-density MD1400 with up to 12 x 10TB 12Gb HDDs to the performance –optimized MD1420 with up to 24 x 12Gb 2.5" SSDs, whatever configuration you choose provides a viable storage solution for your particular workload. 

Directly connect up to eight MD enclosures behind your PowerEdge server using a 12Gb SAS host bus adapter (HBA) or the PERC9 card. Provide up to 960TB maximum capacity (eight MD1400 enclosures, each with 12 x 10TB 7200 rpm 3.5" SAS HDDs) or up to 192 high-speed SSDs (eight MD1420 enclosures, each with 24 x 12Gb SAS 2.5" SSDs) for each server.