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dell modular infrastructure

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Dell PowerEdge FX Chassis price hyderabad


  • Features
  • Customize at the workload level
  • Tailor infrastructure to the job with compact blocks of server, storage and networking that neatly combine in the PowerEdge FX2 2U rack chassis.Optimize for your workloads with the ultimate dense scale-out infrastructure. Easily and rapidly scale the resources your organization requires with the modular FX architecture. At the foundation, the FX2 chassis combines the density and efficiencies of blades with the simplicity and cost advantages of rack-based systems. Build the configuration of compute, storage and networking that meets your unique needs.
  • Perfect for performance environments:
  • Large data centers
  • Virtualization
  • Software-defined storage
  • Clustered database
  • Big data analytics
  • Anything as a service (XaaS)
  • Private cloud
Dell PowerEdge MX740c Compute Sled price hyderabad


  • Feature rich, highly efficient, modular server:
  • Flexible and dense compute resources for virtualization, collaborative and software-defined workloads in a 2-socket, single-width sled.
  • Building blocks for the modern data center:
  • Optimized for Dell EMC’s PowerEdge MX kinetic infrastructure ecosystem, the PowerEdge MX740c server, with dense compute, large memory capacity and rich set of storage subsystem options, delivers the flexibility and agility needed in today’s software-defined data centers.
  • Single-width; up to eight sleds per PowerEdge MX7000 chassis.
  • One or two, up to 28-core Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors per sled, up to 448 cores per chassis.
  • Up to 24 DDR4 DIMMs slots, 3TB max memory and speeds up to 2666MT/s; up to 192 DIMMS per chassis for up to 24.5TB max memory.
  • Up to six 2.5” drive bays for SAS/SATA (HDD/SDD) and NVMe PCIe SSD support plus optional M.2 boot.
Dell PowerEdge MX840c Compute Sled price hyderabad


  • Scalable high performance modular server:
  • Elastic compute resources for database-driven mission critical applications and performance workloads in a 4-socket, double-width sled.
  • Features
  • Set the foundation for the modern data center:
  • Designed for Dell EMC’s PowerEdge MX kinetic infrastructure ecosystem the PowerEdge MX840c server with dense compute exceptionally large memory capacity and highly expandable storage subsystem delivers the flexibility and agility needed in today’s demanding shared-resource environments.
  • Double-width up to four sleds per PowerEdge MX7000 chassis:
  • Two or four, up to 28-core Intel Xeon Scalable processors per sled, up to 448 cores per chassis.
  • Up to 48 DDR4 DIMMs slots 6 TB max memory and speeds up to 2667MT/s; up to 192 DIMMS per chassis for up to 24.5TB max memory.
  • Up to eight 2.5” drive bays for SAS/SATA (HDD/SDD) and NVMe PCIe SSD support plus optional M.2 boot.
  • Dynamically configure for optimal workload performance and efficiency:
  • PowerEdge MX architecture disaggregates and granularly reassigns resources maximizing utilization, minimizing overprovisioning and stranded infrastructure. PowerEdge MX840c fully configurable no compromise compute maximizes scalability to enhance workload performance and optimization. Powerful, latest generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family that deliver 27% more cores and 50% increase in bandwidth over the previous generation of processors. Flexible memory configurations from capacities of 8GB to 6TB RDIMMs and LRDIMMs for reduced memory loading and greater density. Large high-performance onboard storage footprint with double the HDD drives per compute sled.
Dell PowerEdge MX5016s Storage Sled price hyderabad


  • Dense highly flexible storage sled:
  • Scale dynamically with direct-attached storage designed to address evolving workloads within the PowerEdge MX architecture.
  • Features
  • Consolidate compute, storage and networking in one trusted platform:
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge MX offers a scalable and flexible architecture so you can adapt to changing requirements. Tailor your ideal storage to compute configuration ratio within the MX7000 chassis with the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX5016s SAS storage sled.
  • The MX5016s supports up to 16 SSDs and HDDs that can be mapped across one or more PowerEdge MX compute sleds. This granular drive-level assignment lets you address diverse workloads without wasting any space. Ideal workloads:
  • Software defined storage like vSAN
  • Databases such as SQL and ERP
  • Dense virtualization workloads
Dell PowerEdge MX7000 Modular Chassis price hyderabad


  • Modular, software-defined infrastructure:
  • Dynamically assign, move and scale shared pools of compute, storage and fabric, with greater flexibility and efficiency, and deliver optimal value.
  • liberate IT resources to achieve optimal utilization, productivity and efficiency:
  • As dynamic and innovative as your business, PowerEdge MX kinetic infrastructure bridges traditional and software-defined data centers with unequal flexibility and agility. At the foundation, PowerEdge MX7000 chassis hosts disaggregated blocks of server and storage to create consumable resources on-demand. Shared power, cooling, networking, I/O and in-chassis management provides outstanding efficiencies. 
  • 7U modular enclosure with eight slots holds 2S single or four 4S double-width compute sleds and 12Gbs single-width storage sleds
  • 25Gb Ethernet, 12Gb SAS and 32Gb Fibre Channel I/O options
  • Three I/O networking fabrics, two general purpose and one storage specific, each with redundant modules
  • Multi-chassis networking up to 10 chassis
  • Single management point for compute, storage and networking
  • High-speed technology connections, now and into the future, with no midplane upgrade
  • At least three server processor microarchitecture generation support assurance
  • Protect infrastructure and investment with responsive design:
  • Reduce the risk of infrastructure investment and help make new innovations more easily available with PowerEdge MX7000 future-forward architecture. Designed to maximize longevity and minimize disruptive technology changes support across both generational and architectural transitions is provided.
  • Multi-generational assurance with support for at least three server processor microarchitecture generations
  • Nearly zero throughput limitations, providing high-speed technology connections, and well into the future, with no midplane upgrade
  • Industry-leading thermal architecture and mechanical design and control algorithms support dense configurations and future compatibility
Dell EMC PowerEdge MX IO Modules price hyderabad


Next generation modular switches:
Maximize the demanding connectivity needs of today’s data center workloads while also lowering overall costs and network management complexity.

Highest performance connectivity:
  • Optimum connectivity to servers and storage platforms in the chassis for demanding workloads
  • High-performance 25GbE and 32G FC connectivity within the chassis
  • High throughput and low latency performance throughout the chassis
  • Multi-rate 100GbE uplinks to data center leaf/spine fabric
Dell EMC PowerEdge VRTX Chassis price hyderabad


  • Drive business success with a data center under your desK
  • The PowerEdge VRTX modular infrastructure solution offers “under your desk” dimensions, ease of management and quiet acoustics so you can operate non-disruptively. Features such as Fresh Air validated configurations and standard power options help keep your operating expenses in check. Address a wide variety of workloads with future-proof compute, storage and networking options within a single chassis.
  • Great for: 
  • Small and home office (SOHO) environments where data center access is not available
  • Remote and branch offices (ROBO) that need local storage and have reduced network access
  • Adapt and scale with an expandable, modular solution
  • The PowerEdge VRTX is built on a scalable business architecture so you can continually optimize your capacity and performance with versatile, swappable components.
  • Up to four hot-plug PowerEdge server nodes (4-socket M830 and 2-socket M640 or M630)
  • Up to 12 x 3.5" or 25 x 2.5" HDDs/SSDs internal storage
  • Up to four MD1200 (12 x 3.5") or MD1220 (24 x 2.5") JBOD disk arrays
  • GPU accelerators (within the chassis) and NVMe drive options (within the M640)
  • 0GbE or 1GbE, or Ethernet pass-through module options
  • Up to three full height and five low profile PCIe slots
  • Simplify management with intelligent automation
  • Dell EMC OpenManage intelligent automation enables you to spend less time on routine maintenance so you can focus on business-critical priorities. Plus, you can easily manage your VRTX components — networking, storage and servers — in a single console with the Chassis Management Controller (CMC).
  • Protect your business with integrated security
  • A comprehensive, cyber-resilient architecture with security embedded into every server helps to protect your data.
  • Maintain data safety with cryptographically signed firmware packages and Secure Boot
  • Protect server configuration and firmware from malicious changes with new Configuration Lock-down
  • Scale safely on premise to help avoid security risks and rising cloud fees
Dell PowerEdge M830 Blade Server price hyderabad


  • Description
    • Dell M830 server front top of system
    • Dell's PowerEdge M830 is a full-height blade server that supports up to 48 DIMMS of DDR4 memory when powered by a maximum of four Xeon processors. It's designed for compute-intensive workloads, highly virtualized environments, and mission-critical database applications.
  • Performance
  • Using Intel's Xeon E5-4600 v4 processors, the M830 server supports 83% more processing cores than the previous generation M820. Xeon E5-4600 v3 processors are also supported but offer less cores than the v4 processors. Administrators can start out with just two processors or load all CPU sockets with a maximum of four processors.
  • Memory
  • In a four processor configuration the M830 blade server will support 48 DIMMs, total, of DDR4 memory offering a 28% gain in performance over DDR3 memory modules. Each processor on the M830 blade supports 12 memory modules. With just two processors, this server will support 24 DIMMs and easily scale to support more memory by adding additional processors. A maximum of 3TB of memory is available with four processors running 64GB memory modules running at transfer speeds of up to 2400MT/s. Of course transfer speeds are dependent on the choice of CPU and memory configuration.
  • Storage
  • Data-intensive workloads are no match for the Dell M830. Storage options include 12 x 1.8-inch SSDs or up 4 x 2.5-inch HDDs, and an option supporting 2 x 2.5-inch SSD or HDD with 2 x 2.5-inch PCIe SSDs. Supported drive types include SAS and SATA SSDs and HDDs. HD storage is handled by the integrated S130 software RAID controller or your choice of optional PERC RAID controllers featuring the full range of RAID options. An optional internal Dual SD Module offers redundant hypervisor supporting a mirrored configuration with two cards or it can be used with a single card without redundancy.
  • Expansion
  • PowerEdge M830 server 4 bay front elevation
  • The server blade is housed in either the Dell M1000 enclosure or the VRTX shared infrastructure platform. Cooling, networking, and power are handled at the enclosure level. The system features 2 x PCIe 3.0 slots for expansion cards. With I/O intensive workloads, the system can support up to 24 10GbE ports connected to three redundant low-latency fabrics. Integrated video is provided by a Matrox G200 supported on the iDRAC8 module, sharing 12MB application memory.
Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server price hyderabad


  • High-performance modular compute with industry-leading density
    • High-performance computing (HPC)
    • Anything as a service (Xaas)
    • Virtualization
    • Private cloud
    • Scale compute resources with Intel Xeon Scalable processor that delivers a 27% increase in cores and a 50% increase in bandwidth over the previous generation.
    • Gain exceptional flexibility with a universal backplane and a choice of 2 x M.2 (BOSS) or dual SD cards.
    • Maximize storage with 16 DDR4 DIMM slots and support up to 1024GB maximum memory.
  • Effectively meet dynamic business needs with the PowerEdge M640. This modular blade server is designed to scale out and enable increased performance – all inside a PowerEdge M1000e chassis. Get up to 16 Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor dual-socket compute nodes in a single chassis. The M640 is an outstanding match for data center workloads that benefit from high density and power efficiency, and for multi-server and clustered architectures.
  • Optimized for:
  • Speed IT transformation with the PowerEdge portfolio
  • Take the next step to modernize your data center with this modular compute platform. The PowerEdge M640 is a modular blade server built on a scalable business architecture that offers you choice and flexibility to meet performance demands easily.
Dell EqualLogic PS M4110 Blade Array price hyderabad


  • Enterprise power with everyday simplicity
  • Dell Storage PS Series software helps you store and manage your data more efficiently and cost-effectively. PS Series array, host and management software are included in your storage array purchase — virtually all the tools your organization needs for a complete solution. PS Series software virtualizes and simplifies your environment to help protect business-critical data, optimize storage performance and streamline operations. Additionally, the latest SC and PS Series software releases offer common management and cross-platform replication capabilities between SC and PS Series storage arrays, allowing you to take advantage of new functionality while leveraging existing investments.
  • Simplified management and data protection deliver lasting value
  • Dell Storage PS Series Array Software, including PS Series Firmware, Group Manager and the Manual Transfer Utility, delivers advanced Storage Area Network (SAN) functions that automatically virtualize and optimize storage resources while providing advanced data protection and SAN management. Integrated across the entire family of PS Series arrays, the PS Series Firmware is a SAN operating system based on a unique peer storage architecture that automatically adjusts system resources. In addition, Dell Storage Update Manager simplifies the firmware upgrade process.
  • Data center automation with integration and monitoring tools
  • This family of host-based software provides tight integration between the PS Series array and the host. Dell Storage PS Series Host Integration Tools (HIT) for Microsoft, VMware and Linux environments offer comprehensive data protection and reliable performance.
  • Dell Storage PS Series SAN Headquarters (SAN HQ) is a centralized monitoring and reporting tool that gathers and provides in-depth performance and capacity information and provides alerts across multiple groups of PS Series arrays. SAN HQ with SupportAssist further streamlines management and improves productivity with automatic case creation and case tracking.
Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 Rack Server price hyderabad


  • Dense performance-optimized compute node
  • Drive demanding HPC and scale-out workloads with a flexible platform that offers up to 4 dual-socket servers and high-capacity storage in a 2U rack.
  • Enable demanding workloads with powerful, highly dense and scalable computing
  • Get an IT services platform that helps scale efficiently and predictably while drastically reducing complexity. The PowerEdge C6420 offers up to 4 independent hot-swappable 2-socket servers in a very dense 2U package. Plenty of compute, memory, storage, connectivity and chassis options let you configure servers for specific workloads.
  • Ideal for:
  • High-performance computing (HPC)
  • Analytics and big data
  • Web 2.0
  • Software-defined storage
  • Private cloud
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Simplify your transformation with the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio:
  • The PowerEdge C6420, with its flexible configurations, scale-out capabilities and overall efficiency – along with its embedded management software – is an ideal platform for Dell EMC high-performance offerings and hyper-converged solutions and appliances.
  • Features latest generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 56 cores per node
  • Supports up to 512GB memory per node
  • Offers flexible I/O options including low-latency InfiniBand™ and next-generation Intel Omni-Path
  • Provides new Direct Liquid Cooling options
Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array Series server price hyderabad


  • Storage for a converged blade solution.
  • Consolidate storage, blade servers and networking into a scalable, virtualized data center with the Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array.
  • Converge your data center
  • Compute, network and store in a single PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis and help reduce your data center real estate, cable configurations and power/cooling requirements.
  • Find Out More
  • Integrate enterprise-class storage with your blades
  • Gain highly flexible storage for your blade environment with a double-wide, half-height blade array that can be installed in any slot in the PowerEdge M1000e chassis.
  • Find Out More
  • Expand your storage with ease
  • Save time scaling storage capacity and performance simultaneously and non-disruptively with EqualLogic’s outstanding peer-scaling architecture.
  • Find Out More
    • Help simplify management and mitigate risk
  • Depend on centralized monitoring and reporting as well as powerful data protection with the enhanced all-inclusive software features of the EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array.
Dell EMC PowerEdge MX Modules price hyderabad


Next-generation modular switches
Maximize the demanding connectivity needs of today’s data center workloads while also lowering overall costs and network management complexity.

SmartFabric Services
  • Robust yet simple fabric automation that goes beyond the ordinary:
  • Plug and Play fabric deployment with simplified I/O Aggregation providing a single pane of glass view
  • Physical topology validation and compliance checking
  • Automated per-VLAN Quality of Service assignment based on traffic types
  • Self-healing fabric detects misconfigurations and link failure conditions and adjusts where possible

Scalable fabric architecture
  • Multi-chassis scalable fabric architecture that can grow with your specific needs:
  • Fabric expansion capability using 25GbE connectivity across multiple chassis
  • Single networking domain across the fabric providing a single pane of glass view
  • SmartFabric Services provides a robust fabric-level automation framework

The power of open choice
  • An array of hardware platforms, operating systems and management services:
  • Choice of unique Open Networking modular switches
  • Choice of Dell EMC OS10 or select 3rd party OS’s
  • Choice of leveraging standards-based open automation tools