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Sony MP CD1 Mobile Projector


The pocket sized projector that's bright and light
In spite of its pocket-sized design, Sony's new MP-CD1 Mobile Projector packs a powerful ANSI 105 lumen punch for bright and dynamic pictures. Use it with media-streaming dongles, smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles. For business presentations, weekend parties or outdoor events, the MP-CD1 is the versatile projector you've always wanted.

Screen anything, anywhere
A big, bright screen, up to 305 cm (120), for projecting movies, games, business materials and more for life-enriching experiences.

Shine with IntelliBright
  • ANSI 105 lumen2 output
  • With Texas Instruments DLP3 IntelliBright technology to intelligently manage brightness and power consumption, this projector punches above its weight. Even in a pocket-friendly size, it offers high brightness (ANSI 105 lumens2) thanks to the unique design for minimal heat build-up.

A screen size for any space
  • Short throw, large display
  • The size of the projected image depends on distance, but even for the maximum size (304.8 cm) you only need 3.45 metres. Even a small living room is just fine.
Sony MP CD1 105 lm Mobile Projector Portable Projector


Put On A Show Anywhere, Anytime
The MP-CD1 is impressively compact and weighs only 9.88 ounces. Just slip it into your briefcase or backpack, and you know you’ll always be ready to make a business pitch during the day or stream an action movie at night.

Simple Setup, Quick Start
Just connect the HDMI cable from your PC and press the projector’s power button. The MP-CD1 boots up in only 5 seconds, so you can go straight into your business presentation without missing a beat.

Wireless Connectivity & Media Streaming W/ HDMI Dongle
You can attach a HDMI dongle to provides wireless connectivity for many laptop computers and smartphones. The HDMI and USB ports on the MP-CD1 accept a variety of media-streaming devices/dongles, for access to a wide range of video sources, such as YouTube or Netflix

Short Throw, Large Display
The size of the projected image depends on distance, but even for the maximum size (120 inches) you only need 11.48 feet. Even a small living room is just fine.
MP CL1A mobile projector from Sony


The mobile projector that delivers HD quality
Because it's Laser, our projector is clearer. And its No-lens structure makes it more compact than general DLPs. Project your favorite movies, TV shows, games and home movies wirelessly, or via standard HDMI or MHL. Entertain yourself with 1920 x 720 HD (Aspect ratio 16:9) quality and Autofocus environment anywhere you explore. You can connect with various audio devices including speakers or headphones via Bluetooth or audio jack. 

High quality images ready to go
HD from a projector the size of a paperback novel
So compact and lightweight, you can put the MP-CL1A in your bag or pocket and take it with you. Wherever you go, your visual entertainment can go with you.

Standard HDMI/MHL connectors
Connect via HDMI/MHL to laptops, gaming consoles and Android devices. Connect to Apple devices via HDMI (with Digital AV adapter sold separately).